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Quality Education and Child Care Checklist

One of the most important decisions any family will make is searching for the best early childhood education and care provider. We encourage families to be fully informed about their options. Here is a checklist to assist you in evaluating the quality, care and educational offerings different organizations provide.
Your answers to these questions should be “yes.”
____ Is the provider certified by the Department of Public Welfare and is it posted?
____ Does the provider participate in a recognizable Best Practice Standards Program?
____ Are there appropriate toys and materials for children of all age groups?
____ Does the provider encourage you to drop in and visit at any time!
____ Does staff communicate daily with parents about their child’s progress?
____ Does staffing allow for each child to receive individual attention?
____ Does staff sit and read to the children?
____ Does staff seem patient and receptive to children’s needs?
____ Is staff respectful of children?
____ Is staff respectful of parents?
____ Does staff encourage children’s sharing, manners, and other good behaviors?
____ Does staff appear lively, smiling and interacting in a positive manner with the children?
____ Does staff involve children in daily learning activities?
____ Does the facility appear orderly and clean?
____ Are hazardous materials locked away?
____ Is there an emergency plan and is it posted?
____ Are there security measures in place?
____ Is there a policy for sick children and other circumstances?
____ Do the children have a consistent routine that they can understand and follow?
____ Do the children seem occupied and engaged?
____ Are the children involved in activities that promote learning?
____ Is there a policy on discipline?
____ Do the children seem happy?
____ Is your initial reaction upon entering the site a positive one?
____ Is this a place my child would enjoy?
____ Would my child be safe here?
____ Would I/we feel comfortable using this program?
____ Would my child learn new things every day at this program?