Our program is structured around play. Through play the child learns to concentrate, to try out new ideas, exercise imagination, to practice grown-up behavior and to develop a sense of control over his world.

Through play the child develops a belief that learning is fun and that it is fun to learn. All areas of learning readiness such as math, reading or science, are developed through an aspect of play. The teacher’s primary role in our program is that of a facilitator of this ongoing learning through play.

The teacher capitalizes on the interactive learning experiences. This way the teacher fosters the development of the child’s autonomy and help each child become more coherent in their reasoning.

Our program is designed to help your child achieve optimum potential during the first and each subsequent year. We provide a nurturing environment which will positively reinforce each child’s growth and development. Early education and care occur simultaneously with the teacher using even simple routines such as diapering as opportunities for learning. Your child’s will achieve this optimum because we, the teachers and the parents, are working together. We provide the resources, the environment and encouragement for each child to make discoveries and solve problems so as to create the desire to explore new things while at all times knowing that they can succeed.

Each age grouping has a classroom specifically designed with learning centers for dramatic play, science, arts and crafts, blocks, reading, manipulatives, large and small group activities. Additional rooms are available for scheduling by the teachers for cooking, gym, water play or individual conferencing. Our spacious campus includes playgrounds which are designed to encourage exploration and imaginative play.