Preschool / PreK

The Best Practice Standards helps us define the amount of time and type of activities which must be available to the children throughout each day. Much thought and planning has gone into making the schedule match up with this quality rating system requirements. Children need a routine and will get through their day easier when they know what to expect, they are busy and their needs are met.

The preschooler has moved past the turbulence of being a two and has turned into a cooperative little person with a sunny disposition who really enjoys being around other children. Three year olds are eager to please and want to do things “right”.

Pre-Kindergarteners are exuberant. They are enthusiastic, adventurous, bold, “out of bounds”, silly, eager and fun. They are interested in all things preschool has to offer but are not quite ready to “sit down and behave” for long periods of time. Life is exciting. The will exhibit high energy, a sense of playfulness and are very tolerant of noise. They must learn how and when to set limits.

Our threes through fours are divided into three classrooms. There is an older grouping, a middle grouping and a youngest grouping. The oldest group will number about ten children who will be assigned to classroom space in the cottage. The birthdate months of all three groups will vary somewhat from year to year. The oldest grouping in the cottage will generally include children who will turn five between September and January/February. The middle group in room #9 will generally include the next 16 to 18 children by birthdate and the youngest group in room #8 will be the youngest turning three before September and will then will add to that class, until we reach a total of 18 students, those students from room #7 at a time beginning the month after they turn three, during September and through the months of January/February.