Parent Involvement

THE CHILDREN’S ACADEMY is a family centered school. We encourage parent participation to the extent each individual so chooses. You are always welcome to visit at any time while your child is enrolled. We encourage you to share information with us on community resources that you have found helpful so that we may share it with other families.

Parent Education

A part of our partnership with you is providing information to you on health, nutrition and child development to assist you at different ages and stages of your child’s development.

Quality early education and child care is a partnership whose primary goal is to benefit your child. Sharing our knowledge at drop-off and pick-up times, in notes, phone conversations, and during conferences gives both you and us a more complete picture of your child.

You are the specialist about your child. You know, for example, that your child cries for her bottle the minute she wakes up from her nap, or that he has been afraid of dogs lately.

Having worked with many children of the same age, we know about how children develop. We know, for example, that we help babies develop trust by meeting their needs promptly.

When we share information, we build a bridge between home and child care for your child. Your child will feel more secure when we sing the same song you do to help him fall asleep at naptime or when you talk on your way home about the pancakes made for snack.

As we work together, we each play an important though very different role in your child's life. Your child knows who is who. And so do we. You are the most important person in your child's life. Your relationship is forever.