Kindergarten A.M. and P.M. After School

The Best Practice Standards helps us define the amount of time and type of activities which must be available to the children throughout each day. Much thought and planning has gone into making the after school kindergarten class schedule match up with this quality rating system requirements. Children need a routine and will get through their day easier when they know what to expect, they are busy and their needs are met.

This is a year of transformation from the “wild and out of bound” four year old to the more “composed and together” five year old. Kindergartners generally like to help and like to learn new things. They also may go through a maturation period when they may become brash, disobedient, over demanding and explosive. These children may also tend to dawdle and be less coordinated then they were before. In kindergarten the children progress through an extraordinary year from reading to writing as well as continuing to develop a positive self-image and respect and empathy for others.