Best Practice

What Does It Mean? (read more)

The terms “Best Practice Standards” are used to define those nationally accepted standards being applied by various Quality Rating Systems. The guiding principle is that quality early learning programs are the foundation for a child’s success.

Why should parents care about Best Practice Standards? (read more)

Your child’s Early Education is critical to his or her development and future success in school and life. Best Practice Standards sets requirements for early childhood educators to promote best practices and the best learning environment and safest setting possible for your child.

What are the requirements set by Best Practice Standards? (read more)

Quality Rating Systems use nationally accepted standards to varying degrees. 1. Staff education – early childhood educators have the training and knowledge to interact properly with children. 2. Learning environment – program has appropriate materials for a variety of ages and provides opportunities for children to learn on a daily basis. 3. Leadership and management – a well-run business has policies and plans in effect to not only optimize safety, but also for parents to know what will happen in certain situations. 4. Family and community partnerships – Parents and community stakeholders are encouraged to offer ideas and feedback regarding the learning program.) Pennsylvania has identified and published a set of best practice standards for voluntary use by centers in Pennsylvania. A copy is kept on the main entrance Parent Information Board.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) certifies programs. Isn’t that good enough? (read more)

A certified center does meet Pennsylvania’s minimum requirements for safety. However, certification does not comprehensively address Early Education programs and curriculum's. The Children’s Academy has aligned our curriculum with Pennsylvania Learning Standards and has voluntarily identified a published “Best Practice Standards” to inform parents of elements key to quality early education and care.

What will my child get out of being enrolled in a high quality program? (read more)

Many things! Individual attention, daily learning activities, a safe, friendly and respectful environment, feeling good about himself or herself, a well educated staff, parent involvement and more.

What do parents get out of enrolling their children in a high quality program? (read more)

Knowing that your child is safe and respected, that your child is learning something new every day, and the security of knowing what to expect from your provider in certain situations. Most of all, giving your child the best opportunity to succeed today and in the future.