We incorporate Creative Curriculum, Pearson Work Sampling and Ounce into daily planning and child assessments for the early education and care setting. Our curriculum is based on best practices for young children and focuses on the needs of individual children and whole group interaction. Our staff are trained and receive continued professional development to reflect on how children develop and learn; plan a developmentally appropriate learning environment; observe children and their learning needs and styles, assist the family’s in supporting a their child’s development. The curriculum is focused on meaningful content in the classroom, skill development, and social competence.

We prepare written student assessments which are presented to all parents every four months with an elective option for parent conferences. Our curriculum adheres to the fundamental objectives and principles of developmentally and culturally appropriate practice. Our curriculum is a plan for instruction that details what the students are to know, how they are to learn it, what the teachers role is, and the context in which learning and teaching takes place. We recognize that learning begins wherever the child is: it is the planned and unplanned; it develops and changes with each child, with each teacher and with each group.

The curriculum engages children actively in the learning process, provides a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences and encourages children to pursue their own interests in the context of the school, the community and the world.

Our teachers address the following goals:
• Foster positive self-identity and a sense of emotional well- being
• Develop social skills
• Encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment
• Encourage language and literacy development
• Enhance physical development and skills
• Encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety & nutritional practices
• Encourage creative expression, representation & appreciation of the arts